Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

I was just planning on checking my stats when the daily prompt caught my eye. It may be almost midnight where I am, but it just so happens that I’m feeling pretty damn enthusiastic: I broke the 10,000 word mark on this WIP today — I’m actually close to 11,000 now — and wonder of wonders, I have not:

  • Shown signs of getting sick of the story;
  • Thrown my hands up and said “fuck it, I’m never going to write anything ever again” because the words are so terrifically bad;
  • Sent yet another whole draft into the recycle bin because I couldn’t get one scene completely right the first five times;
  • Gotten lost and given up because I didn’t know where the story was going. 

All of which has happened to me before, at various stages of other projects. We’ll never know how many potential novels I scrapped before they ever got their day in the sun. Oh plotlines, we hardly knew ye. 

But not so this time, nosirree! Each night, once the kids are asleep, I sit at my laptop and bang out at least 1,000 words before slinking into bed at midnight, and I somehow still return to do it again the next night, and the next, and the next!

So this is what it feels like when the words love you back.

Lord knows where this newfound fount of enthusiasm and productivity is coming from, but long may it reign. 

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

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