For Malaysians Only: Win a spot in a 10-week writing course with Sharon Bakar!

So I've had a big year. I got an agent, I sold a book. A pretty good year, as years go. And none of it would have been possible without all the people who gave me a leg-up along the way. It's time to pay it forward. I've got a birthday coming up, but I've [...]

In Which I Show You My Query Letter (With Bonus Commentary)

When I was querying agents, I'd read reams of advice from every blog and forum you could think of, desperate for all the tips I could get. But the truth is, nothing was so helpful as seeing other people's query letters, or seeing people critique other people's query letters. So if you're querying and haven't [...]

Lessons from the Querying Trenches (AKA I HAVE AN AGENT!)

I HAVE AN AGENT. I HAVE AN AGENT. I JUST NEED TO KEEP TYPING THAT FOR A SECOND BECAUSE OMG YOU GUYS DID YOU HEAR I HAVE AN AGENT. Oh you did? Okay then. Just needed to get that out of my system. Anyway. When we last left off, I'd completed my roughly 59,000-word historical [...]

A Little Update on the Status of My Life

Hello, blogland! Yes, yes, I know, I haven't actually logged in here in...a while. /blows dust gently off dark corners of blog /becomes entangled in mass of spiderwebs /screams as gigantic black spider emerges from the shadows and waggles legs threateningly in my face Ahem. Anyway. The reason I've been missing for so long is [...]

The Writing Planner

Alright, you got me. While everyone else was blogging their 2016 retrospectives and their 2017 goals, I was...well. I wasn't. But hey, it's February 3rd today, which means I'm coming in right at about the time most people start breaking their New Year's Resolutions. Oh well. In any case, instead of just talking about my [...]

My Journey to Publishing

One week ago, Facebook Memories unearthed this gem: Yes, this is an email from my publisher. Last year, on the 19th of January, my book was accepted for publication. The first thing I remember from reading this email is disbelief. I had to read it three times to be sure, and then I screenshot it [...]

Hoarding Time

Whenever I tell anyone that I'm a writer who not only happens to be a stay-at-home mom, but is a stay-at-home mom of two (!!), one preschooler and one toddler (!!!!), the inevitable question that comes up is "Where do you even find the time to write?!" It's a fair question, and one that I [...]