HamratheJungleMemories HC CFrom Hanna Alkaf, the critically-acclaimed author of The Girl and the Ghost, comes a middle grade contemporary fantasy that puts a Malaysian spin on Little Red Riding Hood, perfect for fans of Kelly Barnhill and Roshani Chokshi.

Courage is the strongest magic there is.

On Hamra’s thirteenth birthday, she receives nothing but endless nagging and yet another errand to run in the Langkawi jungle that looms behind her home.

No one has remembered her special day.

And so, stifled and angry, Hamra ignores something she shouldn’t: the rules of the jungle.

Always ask permission before you enter. Hamra walks boldly in.

Never take what isn’t yours. Hamra finds the most perfect jambu and picks it.

Of course, rules exist for a reason, and soon an enormous weretiger is stalking her dreams, demanding payment for her crimes—or her entire family will suffer.

With her almost-best friend Ilyas by her side, Hamra embarks on a quest deep into the jungle to set things right. Along the way she’ll encounter creatures she thought only existed in legends, uncover the weretiger’s secret history, and most important of all, discover the courage to become the hero of her own story.

For fans of Ikenga and A Tale Dark and Grimm comes a tale of a brave heroine, a beguiling villain, fantastical worlds, magical adventures, and a journey that will remind you that hope, friendship, and love endures all.

Cover illustration: Deborah Lee | Design team: Chris Kwon & Alison Donalty



“Alkaf takes a familiar tale and imbues it with otherworldly urgency, balancing immediate relevance with profound wisdom. A perfect blend of classic magic and contemporary storytelling.” — Kyle Lukoff, author of Too Bright to See, a Newberry Honor, Stonewall Book Award winner, and National Book Award Finalist

“In Hamra and the Jungle of Memories, master of the contemporary fairy tale Hanna Alkaf takes us on a fantastical adventure through a jungle filled with wonders and terrors that ultimately leads to a particularly timely revelation—though the world may be full of uncertainty and peril, what will get us through is friendship and love. A remarkable book.”  — Anne Ursu, author of The Troubled Girls of Dragomir Academy

“Hanna Alkaf takes us on an emotional journey of a fierce-hearted girl who must complete a magical quest. Intertwining Malaysian folklore with daring adventure, this well-crafted story highlights the beauty of friendship, the healing of forgiveness, and the gift of being fully human.” — Karen Strong, author of Eden’s Everdark

Hamra and the Jungle of Memories embodies the best middle grade fantasy has to offer, from one of the greatest living masters in the genre: profound emotion, gorgeous craft, and a journey worth the taking in spite of the danger that lies ahead. What a gift to be alive at the same time as Hanna Alkaf, and be able to experience this wonderful, intense and healing adventure as only she can write it.” — Karuna Riazi, author of The Gauntlet and A Bit of Earth

“An enchanting Little Red Riding Hood retelling full of heart and adventure centered around the importance of family and tradition and fiercely protecting the ones we love.”— Rena Barron, author of the Maya and the Rising Dark series

“Hanna Alkaf is an exceptional writer who brings her worlds to life with specificity, a delightful humor, and honest and unflinching prose. We are all lucky to be able to take the distinctly and unapologetically Malaysian journey this book offers. The impulsive and spirited Hamra is the perfect protagonist for the new classic that Alkaf’s book deserves to be.”  — Shing Yin Khor, author of The Legend of Auntie Po

“Hanna Alkaf’s writing is a dream in the best possible way. Her words will transport you deep into the jungles of Langkawi, side-by-side with a heroine who reminds us that honoring ourselves is just as important as honoring those we love.” — Roseanne A. Brown, New York Times Bestselling author of Serwa Boateng’s Guide to Vampire Hunting 

“Hamra and the Jungle of Memories is a triumph! A heart-wrenching, creative, and magical book steeped in Malaysian folklore; it is both an incredible adventure, set deep in a magical jungle, filled with folklore but also, at its heart, it is the story of a girl, learning how to navigate grief and heartache and all the feelings they bring up – including and especially – anger. It is also about the pure unshakeable power of forgiveness. I want to put this book into the hands of every child I see. That’s how important this story is.” — Ally Malinenko, author of Ghost Girl and This Appearing House


Coming from HarperCollins on March 28th, 2023!